Title: Born A Flame
Writer: Gabe Schillman

(Verse 1)
I was born in the fire
A stray cat stubborn survivor
Raised on help yourself and go away
I’ve strutted streets of war
stealing candy from the stores
At three years old and change hadn’t ate for days
My sister led the way
at five years old she held the reigns
and the odds were stacked against us but we did ok

(‘Cause) I was born of flame
fueled by loss and pain
flickering in the wind
nearly blowing out my light and then
I grew into a fire
my flames of want grew higher
and I’ll burn down anything or anyone that stands in my way
I was born a flame

(Verse 2)
I was born in the fire
8 years and not went higher
school was not my strength, but I wasn’t weak
I got by on a trade and taught myself the words to say
And the right words can take you anywhere
My wife and kids were patient
as they pushed me through the pain
I know that I’m not perfect but I’ll be ok


All my trials stem from all my faults and pains
But all at once I see myself dancing in the flames
My scars will tell the stories and the proof will be my strength
And I can say:
(that) I was born of flame