Title: Cold Dark Beer
Writer: Gabe Schillman

(Verse 1)
On bar seat there’s a stranger
in silence drinking dark beer
there’s a quiet pain inside his old blue eyes
They ask if he’s from this town
he shakes his head and looks down
“No, but I knew a girl one time”
It seems he fell in love once
with a girl who loved for six months
before running off to chase her dreams and doubts
He’s been sitting here waiting
hoping praying for the day when
she walks through the door that she walked out.
On that thought he sighs…

(He says) I know just what she’s after
A little heart thump a little laughter
A Little line’em up and throw’em back
Cheers to life
(but) those late nights and those good times
are going to get old she’s going to think twice
She’ll coming running home to be my wife
And I’ll be waiting right here
Behind this cold dark beer

(Verse 2)
I look up at the bar mirror
realize there’s no one else here
and that stranger on the bar stool looks like me
But he’s looking so much older
unkempt and falling shoulders
and those eyes are dark like they aint slept in weeks
Someone told me to move on
accept the fact that you’re gone
but I’ve got faith you’ll be back someday.
If I can hold out a little longer
If I can just be a little stronger
I’ll get that chance to see your face.
On that thought I sigh…