Title: Fight For Life
Writer: Gabe Schillman

(Verse 1)
Snow covered downtown roads
All of the faces look cold
Heartache and loneliness
you want to grab a drink but you’re broke
Exchange a text with a friend
You second-guess pressing send
Contemplate, Hesitate, then look
for something else to do instead

you’re holding out for something you swear is right there.
Just when it seems to be coming into view it disappears.
One more try I swear you’ll get it right this time.
In the meantime just keep trying ‘cause we’re all in this fight for life

(Verse 2)
We claim to think for ourselves
But we study from the same shelves
9 to 5 then we die is there anything else
There’s an old man picking up cans
All that he has is in hand
But he smiles for miles yeah
money don’t make the man